During the past half century, the music publishing house "L'Oiseau Lyre" has kept on resurrecting number of vocal and instrumental works of the baroque period. She published many scores, baroque treasures wealth of sources hitherto forgotten or neglected.
The memory of that entity whose European headquarters has persisted since the 50s until 2013 on the Rock, is and remains the heart and soul of baroque music lovers in Monaco. L'Ensemble Baroque de Monaco is closely linked to the publishing house. The direction of the latter and its former president, the Master harpsichordist Kenneth Gilbert, wanted to create a close link with the Ensemble Baroque de Monaco who, playing numerous works offered by the prestigious publishing house, perpetuate its memory. In keeping with the Baroque history of the Principality,the EBM defends the most beautiful pages of music from the XVIIth and XVIIIth repertoire, while striving to recreate the forgotten or unknown works which fill the landscape of the baroque music.

All the musicians play on original instruments, tuned in the historical temperaments. Attached to its roots, however the Ensemble Baroque de Monaco moves with the times. Placed in 2012 under the direction of Matthieu Peyr├Ęgne, singer and conductor and early music specialist, the EBM wants to assert its high quality identity working, giving with this conductor a new impulse and dynamic. It has in the ranks of this training the best people who worked in Monaco. For example, the harpsichordist and Knight of the Order of Merit in Monaco is Camille Mugot.With its large instrumental forces, this training is also well able to give large-scale works such operas or symphonies, as coins and smaller instrumental training.
Monaco have hosted in his land the greatest baroque composers at his time, this orchestra is part of a desire to be the ambassador, and the living memory of a historical period and cultural incredibly rich.