Les Chanteurs de L'ensemble Baroque de Monaco is a professional vocal ensemble founded by Matthieu Peyrègne at its nomination towards the E.BM. Its passion for early music, particularly the french and Italian Baroque, led him to design rich and varied programs in France and abroad, basing his work on eminent musicologists and specialists work (A.Fiaschi-Dubois, F.Losco ...). The set consists in young professional singers from the Nice area and from the best baroque Ensembles in Europe (Arts Florissants, Namur Chamber Choir, Concert Spiritual, Doulce Memory ...). This training, in keeping with the Baroque history of the Principality, defends the most beautiful pages of music from the XVII-XVIII century repertoire, while striving to recreate the forgotten or unknown works that by hundreds populate the musical landscape European baroque. Thus, all notably produced in September 2015 in its entirety, the world recreation of the Mass of the gunman of Giacomo Carissimi, who led a concert tour in 2016.

Although its focus greater attention on Baroque literature which he specializes, Matthew Peyrègne extends the scope directories worked with other centuries, including working of XIXth century or later works (Saint-Saëns, J.Coxon, contemporary English).